1. How is LDVC affiliated with the American Red Cross?

LDC has been hosted and supported by the American Red Cross since it was first founded in 1948. This year’s LDVC continues to receive that support by the American Red Cross, fulfilling its principles and its messages through a virtual platform. The Red Cross also provides the foundation for our mission, vision, and values. 

2. If I am not from the Los Angeles Region, can I still apply for LDVC?

Most definitely! We welcome all students from around the World. However, if you’d like to know about an LDC near you (ie: Orange County or Northern California), please email Youth Specialist, Anna Giang at This year especially we will be opening delegate applications to international youth.

3. How long is LDVC?

LDVC is five days from August 3rd, 2020 to August 7th, 2020.

4. What materials will I need?

We will be sending out a Care Package with some essentials that you will need for LDVC. Other than that, please have access to, if possible, a quiet space, stable Wi-Fi, and a device to access to the conference.

5. How much does LDVC cost?

$25 USD. If you are unable to make this financial commitment at this time, please email for possible scholarship opportunities.

6. What do the camp fees cover?

The $25 USD will cover the price for Care Packages and shipping. These Care Packages will include a LDVC Pouch and a variety of other materials needed for sessions, activities, and more throughout the week. 

7. Who is eligible to apply for camp?

LDVC is open to high school students entering 10th grade through students exiting 12th grade.

8. When is the deadline for delegate applications?

The application deadline will be announced once delegate applications are released.

9. How do I pay for LDVC?

Only payments fulfilled via Credit Cards will be accepted.

10. How do I apply for an LDVC Scholarship?

Limited delegate scholarships are available for current Red Cross youth volunteers with financial need. For more information on how to apply for a scholarship, please email

11. I submitted my online delegate application. What's next?

We will send a confirmation email after receiving your application with further steps. You can also reference the steps for applying as a delegate here. If you do did not receive a confirmation email, please email

12. Who should I contact if I have any questions about the Delegate Application?

If you have any questions about the application, please contact our Delegate Coordinators, Hayden Yeung and Victoria Pacis, at

13. How do I apply to be a delegate at LDVC?

The Application has now been released! Please visit the Apply Now page for more information such as the Delegate Packet and Delegate Application.

14. How are delegates selected for LDVC?

Delegates are selected on a first-come first-serve basis. Applications and payments are processed chronologically. Those who turn in their application closer to the date may be placed on a waitlist depending on the volume of applicants we receive.

15. What kinds of activities take place at LDVC?

Delegates will be participating in various leadership sessions including team building, public speaking, professional development, and emotional intelligence sessions. Delegates will also learn more about the Red Cross and its mission.

16. Do I need to be a Red Cross volunteer to apply for LDVC?

No, you do not need to be a Red Cross volunteer to apply! However, you will need a Volunteer Connection account to register (visit Volunteer Connection Tab for more information). If you would like to become a Red Cross volunteer, register here. If you applying internationally, please contact

16. What does a typical day attending LDVC look like?

A typical day would largely include a combination of activities, discussions, session, and more! Within this, delegates may also be broken up into smaller groups for activities and discussions in order to give everyone an opportunity to grow and learn.

17. How do I download Zoom?

LDVC 2020 is going to be hosted on Zoom, a video communications platform. To download Zoom, you can visit and step by step instructions on downloading will be provided by the platform when you join your first meeting. 

18. What should I do if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact for additional inquires.