About Us

LDVC presents a unique opportunity to explore and practice your leadership! Our safe, supportive environment is the perfect place to develop your leadership, have fun, and create lifelong friendships.

Throughout the Week

Throughout the week, we have multiple sessions aimed to provide LDVC delegates with the resources, knowledge, and confidence they need to become capable, strong leaders. Each session highlights a key leadership skill; topics range from public speaking to professionalism to cultural awareness. These spaces are made to be interactive by incorporating meaningful activities and discussions.

LDVC Benefits

Empowers Youth Leadership

We are proud of LDVC’s supportive and inclusive environment, and we encourage our youth to challenge themselves to better their leadership.

Provides Leadership Resources

The week is packed with knowledge and opportunities. In sessions and even downtime, staffers and adults are excited to share their wisdom and resources. There are also countless opportunities to practice leadership skills and receive personalized advice and feedback.

Fosters Meaningful Friendships

We facilitate meaningful conversations and activities to foster healthy relationships. Despite its short duration, LDVC is well-known for its close friendships between delegates. All delegates are welcome in the LDVC family.

Strengthen Soft and Hard Skills

We recognize the importance of both hard and soft skills which is why we highlight a variety of skills throughout the week. From hard skills such as resume building to soft skills such as emotional intelligence and public speaking, we have it covered.

Builds Confidence and Awareness

By providing many occasions to practice and develop their leadership, LDVC supports youth in developing their confidence. We also encourage them to explore their values and identities, fostering self-awareness.

Have Fun!

LDVC is not one to shy away from fun and energy! The week is filled with countless fun and engaging activities!

LDC Testimonials

“When I first attended LDC, I expected an average summer camp where I would learn a few things about leadership, go home, and never think about it again. From the very first day, all my expectations were greatly exceeded. LDC definitely helped me develop as a leader, but it also helped me grow as a person. At LDC, I learned more about myself than I ever imagined I would. I made lasting friendships and real connections with people I had only known for five days. LDC not only taught me how to achieve my full leadership potential, but it was also incredibly fun and meaningful every step of the way.”

 –  Natalie Pantoja

“After hearing about my friends talk about how their life had been “changed” for the 100th time, they finally convinced me to sign up to attend the summer camp called LDC. I was skeptical at first, what was so special about hot Californian summer weather in the middle of a forest? My mind was quickly changed on just the first day of camp. The people I met soon became my friends over the course of the 5-day camp and the bonds I established will definitely be lifelong friendships. The unique experience that LDC represents is embodied in one quote: ‘For those who have not gone to LDC, no explanation is possible. For those who have, no explanation is necessary’. “

 –  Michael Chhay